DigitalOcean Volume and FreeBSD Droplet

Earlier this year, I decided not to throw as much money in some dedicated online server (dedicated racked server) from Not that the service would have been horrible, but with my current budget I could not offer myself such a high level service anymore. So and since I had already tested DO (DigitalOcean) VPS (Droplets), I had migrated my mail server there. It was a simple 40GB / 2GB / 2CPU VPS with ZFS installed until recently, so with just one disk. [Read More]

C Library for CGI

I’ve been looking for a C library to create CGI, and found a page that’s listing some : Comparison of CGI libraries in C Some are simple, maybe too much…, and some look complete, but too much complex and/or the code doesn’t suit my requirements, or the licence used is clearly not one I’d like to use also. So I’ve decided to develop my own, a simple CGI C library, which try to be : [Read More]