Blog SSL certificate renewal

So, if you’ve been following my past blog posts, you may have read this one: Blog migrated!. But just in case: this blog is running with the help of pages feature I’m using a free account, so this means I’m not paying a penny for this blog to be served. It’s no big deal, there are many other services like this on Internet. I’m just using the GitLab one because it’s serving my purpose. [Read More]

Installing and using Docker and Kubernetes on FreeBSD

These configuration have been tested only on FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE. 1. Introduction Wait… what? FreeBSD does not have Docker! Doesn’t it? Well of course not really, but you can still install Docker using FreeBSD, it won’t just be FreeBSD in Docker since FreeBSD is not supported as Docker images. In this blog post, I won’t discuss exactly how to install a few things, I will mostly point to blog posts and documentations so that you know what to do to install Docker and Kubernetes using FreeBSD. [Read More]