FreeBSD 12.0 VNET jail using bridge/epair and PF

These configuration have been tested only on FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE. Description I’ve been trying for almost half a day to gather informations around about FreeBSD Jails using the VNET/VIMAGE, and since the only informations about this subject are only in /usr/share/examples/jails. It seems there are 2 choices when considering the VNET jail approach: using netgraph with the ngctl utility, and the jng helper in /usr/share/examples/jails using bridges and epair interfaces to bridge networks over the public interface, and so to use jib in the same folder Since I don’t know anything about netgraph, I’ve prefered to take time and put the correct configurations on the host and the jail for bridge/epair. [Read More]

DigitalOcean Volume and FreeBSD Droplet

Earlier this year, I decided not to throw as much money in some dedicated online server (dedicated racked server) from Not that the service would have been horrible, but with my current budget I could not offer myself such a high level service anymore. So and since I had already tested DO (DigitalOcean) VPS (Droplets), I had migrated my mail server there. It was a simple 40GB / 2GB / 2CPU VPS with ZFS installed until recently, so with just one disk. [Read More]