PC-BSD 9.1, No thanks for now

I've been using PC-BSD for a while ... since 8.2 version.
For custody reason, we've been using PC-BSD on new computers at work and found out that there were lots of problems upgrading to 9.1-RELEASE :

  • video drivers not working
    • new Xorg
    • KMS FreeBSD beta drivers
    • Just say goodbye to ATI drivers.
  • VESA mode
    • working, but sad
  • hard reboot when trying to access some items in KMail
    • clearly, I don't understand
  • and the last upgrade made the computer to reboot infinitely
    • I've tried to reboot in single user mode and the computer instantly reboot once I used "vi" to modify a file ......... 
    • I've tried to reboot with verbose logging to try and check the /var/log/messages, but I didn't find anything interesting
    • what good has an OS that instantly reboot once you try anything ? 
So : Stay away from PC-BSD 9.1 if your computer does not comply exactly to the hardware the PC-BSD Team decided to promote.
I still recommend PC-BSD 9.0, it's better than nothing (Linux is nothing to me).

+PC-BSD : please continue the "good" work.