C Library for CGI

I’ve been looking for a C library to create CGI, and found a page that’s listing some :
Comparison of CGI libraries in C

Some are simple, maybe too much…, and some look complete, but too much complex and/or the code doesn’t suit my requirements, or the licence used is clearly not one I’d like to use also.

So I’ve decided to develop my own, a simple CGI C library, which try to be :

  1. Simple : There’s the minimum method to use it. Most methods name are quiet easily understandable and they do no more no less what they should do.
  2. Headers try to be delegated, which means a header should be responsible for its life cycle and how it gets into the Headers List. There is also the minimum for the 2 already developed headers inside this library, and one who would want to create a new header can check these two as an example to develop a new one.

The library is called libSCGI : S for simple, CGI for CGI (really… :p). You can find the source on GitLab : https://gitlab.com/iaelu/libscgi

Right now, there is no version number for this library, it’s clearly oriented to be build and used on FreeBSD since I’m using FreeBSD Makefiles. I’m also using Tail Queue #include <sys/queue.h>, but I guess this is also on Linux … I didn’t try it though, I do not intend to maintain a version for Linux since that’s clearly not my primary goal. My primary goal is to deliver a really simple C library.

I’m using 3-clause BSD Licence, since I really prefer this licence, and also it’s the one used in FreeBSD.

I know most people are now using New Languages or Frameworks, but I clearly prefer to use C for now. Hope some will like the library :)