Let's try to get out of Google Mail / Talk

Since Google offers Mail and Talk services, I've been a fervent user of those services. I also moved a domain I own to Google Apps and I was very fine with that for some time. Google offers privacy and all sort of things which are very nice,  and for standard user it's really all that there is as a need for online mailing service and talking service.
Of course, there are many other providers and they also do a great job about their services.

I'm probably not the only one to think that I don't like my mails and talks to depend from third party services. Since I've got some knowledge about mail server and instant messaging server, I've decided to get myself out of those third party mail providers. I know perfectly it's not something I can do instantly, and also that I'll have to take some time to make it complete and working.

Most people want something they can rely on without having to do anything (configuration, administration, security, privacy). That's very nice for some cases, but for mine it's not anymore. I need to know what's going on for my mails, I need to be sure no one will ever be able to check my mails, even not on purpose or for any commercial use, and I know that I'm best placed to check my own security for my mails. I also need to be sure that e-mail addresses from the domain I own won't be used for spams, and I can tell you that when a mail server is configured for relaying, it's more than harassment that your server would receive.

In a near future, when I'll think my mail server configuration is good enough to share, I'll write a serie of posts about how to install a mail server and add some security. So, stay tuned.


I really want to thank FreeBSD for giving us such an exceptional OS with great tools and services.

Post 1 : Secured Sendmail with SMTP Authentication
Post 2 : Sendmail, the SPF, the DKIM, and the Spam
Post 3 : IMAP with Dovecot2, and Sendmail
To be continued...